What if your browser does not support tables?
1)If your browser does not support tables, then you either need to update your
current browser or download a new one. Computer Forensics Online
tm currently
uses the new HTML 3.0 specification for colored table cells as well as alternative
fonts. At the time of this writing, the only two browsers which support colored
tables and alternative fonts are Netscape 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0. If you are
not using one of these browsers to view the web, we recommend that you download
one of these browers as soon as possible.

I have America Online and I can't view this site.

There are some versions of the America Online web browser which do not
support the HTML 2.0 specification. This specification includes client-side
imagemaps, tables, frames and many other features which are common in most
existing web pages. Luckily, America Online will now allow you to download
either Netscape and or the Microsoft Internet Explorer. In order to do this, please
consult one of the help sections on America Online or call them as ask to speak
to an administrator who can help you with this problem.

When I submit forms with Internet Explorer, it says that they
were not Recieved.
The Microsoft Internet Explorer has been found to have many bugs in it. One of
them is telling the user that a form has not been processed even though it has. If
you click the submit button on one of our message pages, then your message will
be recieved by us. Unless of course you are not connected to the net at that time.

How do I download a browser which is compatible with
Computer Forensics Online
Currently, Computer Forensics Online™ supports Internet Explorer and Netscape
Navigator.If you do not have the current versions of one of these browsers, then
CFO will not function as intended. We have provided links to either of these
browsers. The download for either of these browsers is provided free of charge*.
In order to download these browsers, go to the Netscape or Microsoft web site
and then go to the Download section. Both of these sites provide detailed
instructions for getting these browsers up and running on your computer.

I just can't get this page to work!!!!!
If you can not get this page to work with your current browser, then you can
send us some email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please make
sure that you are running the latest version of your software.

*does not include download time